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Online movies are trending, and I think I need to call your attention to how you can enjoy your very best moment most especially when you’re at leisure or with the family. Of course, you can enjoy this movie with the kids and loved once. Besides, you will never know this is exactly what your kids are waiting for until you play these animated movies.

One of the best movies people are watching overtime is the animated movie. One fact about watching animated movies is that it makes you stay glued to your seat for hours. Honestly, you can never be tired of watching since there is so much fun to enjoy the movie. You’ll never be tired of the moment.

Many fantastic animated movies are available on Netflix. So if you’re in the state of confusion on which of the animated Movies is best, check out the list of the Best Animation Movies available for you.


This list is composed of almost all animated movies that are produced from the ancient till date. Peradventure you needed some other movies that are not in this list, you can always check from the list of available Animated Movies on Netflix.

1.    Moana (2016)

This is an excellent work on the part of Disney for coming up with this fantastic animated movie in 2016. Almost all kids love this animated movie.

2.    Anastasia (1997)

Although it faced some criticism because of the sensitive theme still the film is worthy enough to be included in the list of best-animated movies on Netflix.

We cannot completely make a list of the best ten animated movies without mentioning Anastasia produced in 1997. Although it is an old type of animated movie, yet it is children’s fantasy of all times.

3.    Zootopia 2016

This is really beyond ordinary animated video. As it is one of people’s favorite on Netflix, Zootopia is a fantastic movie that everyone needs to watch. The production of this movie is in a cinema-like manner, and you’ll be convinced after watching this movie.

4.    Kung Fu Panda (2008)

For an entertaining animated movie, then this is the best choice. Kung Fu Panda is people’s choice, and I’ll recommend this movie to everyone as it guarantees nothing but 100% fun and laughter.

5.    Coraline (2009)

Although this movie comes in a different way making it distinct from other lists of animated movies even on Netflix, yet it is a fantastic movie to watch. I guess one of the reasons for its uniqueness is the fact that it comes in a different theme with its 3-dimensional stop-motion pattern.

There are some other fantastic animated movies that I can guarantee you that you’ll enjoy. And if you wish to know more about these animated movies, kindly visit Netflix and sign up with them.

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